Whoa! Cidi Labs has 300 + customers!

Thanks for helping us celebrate!

Cidi Labs Patagonia jacket
Our fearless leader, Mike Zackrison, is modeling Cidi Labs Patagonia jacket.

Since we couldn’t throw a party and invite you all, we recently held a fun contest to celebrate our 300th customer milestone.  To enter, we asked participants to share some feedback by responding to one of the following writing prompts:

    • My favorite feature of DesignPLUS is…
    • Ever since we started using DesignPLUS (or another Cidi Labs product)…
    • If Cidi Labs won a trophy it would be for…
    • Choose your own adventure and tell us something else entirely.  

The results were …. well … let’s just say AMAZING.  We blushed.  We gushed.  We might have even cried (happy tears).  But mostly, we sincerely appreciated your feedback, which affirmed all the reasons we’re so passionate about what we do.   

We received way more entries than we expected, so rather than pick one winner at random, we picked THREE! 

Congratulations to: 

      • Cynthia Wilshusen, Instructional Designer – Cuesta College 
      • Brad Moser, Director of Blended Learning – Blue Valley Schools
      • Katie Skapin, Instructional Technologist – Case Western Reserve University

Enjoy your new Cidi Labs Patagonia jacket, and think of it as a big hug from us! 

Many thanks to ALL who took the the time to enter!

There’s no way we could keep all the great feedback we received to ourselves, so here are ten of our favorite quotes, shared humbly:
    1. If Cidi Labs won a trophy, it would be for…creating a candy store for instructional designers!
      ~ Glori Hink, University of St. Thomas

    2. Cidi Labs has opened up so many new design ideas for our team. It raises the bar in design for our courses and has potential to dramatically lower the workload of academic staff.
      ~ Jeff Lloyd, One School Global

    3. Students deserve to be presented with high-quality content and DesignPLUS design tools make that possible.
      ~ Kevin Hulen, University of North Florida

    4. If Cidi Labs won a trophy, it would be for making every instructional designer’s life a little easier.  DesignPLUS has been a game changer and allowed our small team of instructional designers to dream big.
      ~ Lauren Rogers, Case Western Reserve University

    5. I did a faculty training on the Multi-Tool recently and a couple of instructors said they felt like crying from relief (yeah, me too!).  Whenever I begin a training I get goosebumps because I know how excited they will be once they see what it can do. 
      ~ Joy Adams, University of Colorado Boulder

    6. Faculty who were Canvas-resistant are now spotted importing our DesignPLUS-formatted course template into their courses because it makes good design easy. And let’s face it, good design makes us look good.
      ~ Melissa Kamp, Dordt University

    7. If Cidi Labs won a trophy, it would be for crazy, amazing customer support and responsiveness!
      ~ Emily Boles, University of Illinois Springfield

    8. Our usage has grown and we are seeing faculty be creative with the tools and inquiring how to use more advanced features to create attractive and engaging learning environments for their students.
      ~ Cynthia Wilshusen, Cuesta College

    9. The ability to add, copy, or remove chunks of content from a page or assignment makes content and course design sooooo much easier! Thank you Cidi Labs! We call all of our courses “cidified” when they have been standardized to our institutional style formatting.
      ~ Mark Brunton, Northwest Career College

    10. We love everything about Cidi Labs. In addition to opening our world to beautiful and consistent front pages in Canvas, it has also led us to further explore our Canvas course design and our language of learning.
      ~ Sara Frizelle, Kristin School

Didn’t manage to submit an entry on time?

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