White Papers: Get Your Success Strategies Here

A white paper is an in-depth guide or report about a specific topic that serves to help readers understand the issues and potential solutions.  We have created these white papers to offer you food for thought and strategies for success.  Do you have an idea for a white paper topic?  Let us know!

NEW!  Success Strategies for Your Accessibility Journey

At Cidi Labs, we believe that accessibility is a journey, not a destination.  We know that there are an endless number of ways that you can continue to improve the methods and outcomes for enhancing the level of accessibility in your online courses. 

That’s why we recently held a panel discussion featuring three accessibility champions who shared the strategies, tips, and most helpful lessons learned in their institutions’ accessibility journeys.  This white paper provides a summary of the wealth of knowledge and experience that was shared in this lively discussion.

Rolling Out DesignPLUS to Faculty

DesignPLUS is a powerful set of tools that make it easier to create and style highly polished and engaging Canvas courses — without any advanced technical skills.

Putting the capabilities of DesignPLUS into the hands of faculty can greatly extend the value and impact of the tools, but doing it successfully requires thought and planning.

That’s why we gathered the Cidi Labs customer community to share tips, tricks, and strategies for rolling out DesignPLUS to faculty at their institutions.  

Check out this white paper to learn more about the five key strategies we distilled from the advice and wisdom of those who have paved the road to success.

The Importance of Visual Design in Online Courses

This white paper explores the importance of visual design in online courses, including some compelling before and after examples.  

If you’re using DesignPLUS, then you already know what a difference good visual design can make, and we’d love it if you shared our white paper with a colleague who would find it interesting!