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UDOIT Cloud Course Accessibility Checker

Create the most accessible courses for your students and increase your accessibility know-how.  

UDOIT Cloud scans your Canvas courses, identifies errors, and provides guidance to improve accessibility with ease.

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UDOIT (pronounced You-Do-It) was created by the University of Central Florida, and is now brought to you as a fully supported cloud solution from Cidi Labs.  

How does UDOIT Work?

UDOIT Cloud makes it easy to check courses for accessibility, without ever leaving the course.

UDOIT Awards and Accolades 

If you’ve been teaching online or concerned with making your course content accessible for long, you’ve probably heard about UDOIT

In case you need a refresher, here’s the short list of its awards.

2017 – WCET WOW Award
2017 – Prudential Productivity Award
2017 – Platinum IMS Global Learning Impact Award – Established Projects Category
2016 – Campus Technology Innovators – Administration Category
2015 – Online Learning Consortium Effective Practice Award
2013 – Instructure’s Canvas Grant Award




Cidi Labs is the exclusive hosting and support provider for UDOIT offering a solution for institutions who wish to not self-host and self-support their use of the UDOIT codebase.


University of Central Florida does not have the resources to provide ongoing enterprise support for UDOIT users, so they sought a partnership with Cidi Labs as a means of providing a supported UDOIT solution to the Canvas community.


Cidi Labs will provide ongoing code updates, bug fixes and maintenance for its UDOIT Cloud subscribers. We wrap our services with a service level agreement (SLA) as well as a support portal where you can report bugs and find answers to common support questions. We coordinate our code fixes and new feature contributions with UCF's developers and receive ongoing support from them as well.





UDOIT Cloud checks accessibility issues course-by-course, whereas DesignPLUS assists with accessibility page-by-page while editing page content.


The two solutions are quite complimentary in that you can use DesignPLUS to ensure you create accessible page content during page creation. You then use UDOIT to check all the content in a course on a course-by-course basis. Both solutions are helpful for fixing issues found.


Together your faculty will be equipped with the tools they need to ensure content they produce not only looks nice, but meets accessibility requirements long after the course is in use.





UDOIT Cloud is Canvas specific and is an affordable alternative to more expensive accessibility checkers such as Blackboard Ally.


If you wish to equip your faculty with cost-effective, easy-to-use tools to reinforce accessibility best practices as they create and modify course content, then UDOIT Cloud can't be beat


If you need a solution that checks all the courses in your Canvas system at once, scans files, and creates accessible alternatives for those files, then Ally is the way to go. But, you will pay significantly more for these features than you would for UDOIT Cloud.




UDOIT Cloud is provided as a SaaS subscription with the annual subscription price based on organizational FTE or student count (in K-12).


A small implementation and training fee is applied in Year 1 of all subscriptions. This covers installation and set up as well as a few hours of training to get you started. 


Pricing is less than a DesignPLUS Design Tools subscription and discounts are offered when customers license more than one Cidi Labs solution.


Contact us today for a quote and to learn more. 


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