Our Services

You get more than just a set of tools when you license a product from Cidi Labs. You get a partner that is genuinely dedicated to your success.

After licensing one or more of our innovative products, we’re with you on the journey toward successfully putting the tools to use and realizing their maximum potential. Here’s what it looks like to have Cidi Labs as your partner on the road to course design success:  


A member of our technical team meets with your Canvas admin to walk through the installation process and ensure everything is set up correctly and ready to go.


We provide a variety of ways to help you learn how to use the tools, which you can mix and match as needed.  

Live train-the-trainer sessions are offered on a regular and pre-scheduled basis. Participants can sign up for sessions offered at times that work best for them. Live training sessions are delivered via Zoom, so that trainers can get their questions answered in real-time.  

On-demand, sequenced video training via email is available to everyone at your institution. It allows users to consume the information in smaller pieces over a series of days, as well as to refer back to each component easily from within their inbox. 

A searchable video hub allows anyone at your institution to browse all our video training and tutorials, and search for any topic they want to learn about. You’ll want to check back often because our library of training videos is rapidly growing! 

Informative Guides and Tutorials are also available for those who want to dive even deeper or prefer to learn by reading and using step-by-step guides.  

Here’s what one customer recently said about a training they attended:

"The new DesignPLUS Sidebar training yesterday was one of the best tool training experiences I have attended. Pointed, interesting, perfectly paced. Thank you for doing such an amazing job!"
Kelly Cooney
Senior Instructional Designer at Johns Hopkins University

Customer Success

As the name implies, our Customer Success team is dedicated to guiding you through the process of achieving your goals around what it means to be successful with tools from Cidi Labs. Beginning with a Kick-Off call shortly after you have completed the installation, your Customer Success Manager helps you identify goals and define what success will look like after your first year with the tools. But we don’t stop there – we’ll then schedule regular check-ins to discuss your progress and provide you with additional help and resources as needed.   


While we wish it were always sunshine and roses, sometimes you hit a bump in the road. When that happens, our amazing Support team is always there to help. Our Support team is made up of former instructional designers who have walked in your shoes, so they always understand where you’re coming from and truly want to help address your questions and issues. You might even get a response from Kenneth, who invented DesignPLUS and still loves helping customers! Our Support team has a reputation for very rapid response times, which one of our customers described best:  

"Where Cidi Labs blows everyone out of the water though is its support. Earlier this year...I put in a support ticket and heard back within hours. Now, for a school in NZ, with support in the US, this is unheard of for us. But it wasn't just a response. It was a thorough response, having spent some time looking at the issue and confirming it. [Cidi Labs] worked with us at a level I've not experienced with most vendors."
Sara Frizelle
Head of Digital Learning Innovation - Kristin School (New Zealand)

Our ever-growing Knowledge Base is also a great source of information to support you along the way and is easy to access from anywhere. 

Ongoing Maintenance

We’re really passionate about providing products that are driven by the needs of the people using them. That’s why we’re continuously listening to feedback and ensuring that is reflected in the ongoing development of our products. In addition to monthly maintenance releases, we also regularly add shiny new features to the tools that you use, often in response to customer input.  

"We appreciate how the Cidi Labs team listens, truly listens, and tries to really implement the feedback. We were in a webinar once where we just happened to mention just an idea, because we're always trying to think of different things, and then it was extremely well received. And it wasn't even just a couple of weeks later, they actually had it developed. It was like, 'Wait, what? You actually do that?' Because we're used to giving feedback and then it goes nowhere. So that's another reason why we appreciate our relationship with you all because it truly does feel more like a partnership than just a purchase or a purchasing."
Brian Reed
Coordinator of STEM and Digital Learning at Rockwood School District
"Literally every interaction I have with the team leaves me happy and smiling, whether it's sitting through a training, bumping into you at InstructureCon, or submitting a support ticket. I always get a resolution and no runaround, and am treated with respect. This is a rarely seen quality, especially among technology-related fields, and it is very much appreciated!"
Katie Skapin
Instructional Technologist at Case Western Reserve University