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Design Tools for Canvas

Give students better courses by improving the quality, consistency and accessibility of your course content while enabling your instructional designers and instructors to do more in less time.

DesignPLUS is the leading advanced course authoring toolset to natively integrate with the Canvas LMS.

DesignPLUS makes creating and updating content a breeze.

Rapidly build course shells and painlessly create and style the content in your courses. 

Build courses in minutes (not hours)

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Reuse and update existing content

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Design courses with accessible content

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Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself what our customers have done.  

The DesignPLUS Toolset

Give your students better Canvas courses with DesignPLUS: Design Tools for Canvas. Created to significantly cut the time it takes to develop a course in Canvas, DesignPLUS enables you to rapidly build course shells and painlessly build and style high quality content in your course.

They improve the quality, consistency and accessibility of your courses providing your students with a better experience while allowing your instructional designers and instructors to do more in less time. 

DesignPLUS includes the Content Editor Toolbox, the Multi-Tool and the Upload/Embed Image Tool as part of a single SaaS subscription.

The tools are integrated with Canvas via a combination of LTI and the Canvas API. The tools can be made widely available or limited to specific users or specific roles making roll-out a breeze. 

The Content Editor Toolbox

The Content Editor Toolbox augments the native Canvas RCE enabling you to easily create, customize and style content on any Front, Content, Discussion, Assignment, and Syllabus page in Canvas.

Get advanced CSS/HTML results without having to be a (total) nerd.

The Multi-Tool

The Multi-Tool helps you rapidly scaffold a course shell. Use the template page tool to create home and template pages.

Module builder sets up your module pattern and uses the Canvas API to create all associated artifacts (quizzes, assignments, discussions, and pages) in one step.

The due date modifier lets you manage assignment dates from a single screen.

It's a real time-saver.

Upload/Embed Image Tool

Use the Upload/ Embed Image Tool to upload, crop, resize, and embed images anywhere in your Canvas course.

No more leaving Canvas every time you need to work with images.



Yes, two training options are available to choose from. Compare them now >>


These include 2 Functional User Trainings, both 90 minutes and covering the basic (Training 1) and intermediate/advanced (Training 2) levels of DesignPLUS. A 60 minute admin training is also included.


A one-time training and implementation fee is charged for these services.




DesignPLUS is provided as a SaaS subscription with the annual subscription price based on student enrollments (FTE) or student count (K-12) of the organization or unit that will use the tools. We try to be flexible in terms of working with you to come up with a roll out plan that works for you with pricing to match. We also generally offer discounts for multiple year contracts. Contact us for specific details.


Another pricing option we offer is based on "designer seats." This plan targets organizations that only need a few instructional designers to have access to the tools. Pricing in this scenario is such that after a few seats an organization is better served going with an enterprise subscription based on FTE/student counts.


Implementation and training fees are additional in the first year.




Design Tools is an add-on to Canvas that uses LTI, the Canvas API, and the ability inside Canvas to utilize custom CSS and JavaScript files to integrate with Canvas. Design Tools is comprised of two LTI tools and one JavaScript widget that works with the Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE).


These tools can be installed at the Canvas root account or in any sub-account within your Canvas instance.


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DesignPLUS offers multiple ways to control access to the tools to help with the roll out of the tools. 


Visit our Cidi Labs Support Portal for more details. >>


Webinar: Introducing Design Tools for Canvas 

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Featuring Utah State University’s Center for Innovative Design and Instruction–where Design Tools began. 

CanvasLIVE Webinar: Tools for the Instructional Designer

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Featuring DesignPLUS customers at Florida State University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.