ReadyGO: Course Development Tracker

Track course readiness metrics without leaving Canvas. Easily monitor the workload of your instructional designer teams with at-a-glance reports as you prepare for the coming semester.  

ReadyGO is a course readiness tracker for instructional design managers.


Do you have to ensure that dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of courses are ready to go before the next term starts? ReadyGO can help!

ReadyGO integrates with the Canvas API to provide instructional design teams and managers with the tools and insights they need to prepare their courses before a semester starts.

Easily monitor course development progress and track important readiness metrics. Ensure courses have content, contain a syllabus, and have instructors and students assigned.

Quickly create and share status reports with managers to streamline the semester start process.

ReadyGO makes it easy for instructional design teams and their managers to track course readiness before the semester starts.

What’s better? You don’t have to leave Canvas.

Quickly create and share status reports with managers to streamline the semester start process.

From Course View monitor alerts, set statuses, and get 1-click access to courses and instructor emails.

Easily monitor course development metrics with progress reports inside Canvas.

Record notes for each course as progress is made and statuses change. 

Configure the different alerts you want the system to monitor through the Canvas API.

Make team assignments and distribute the course preparation workload with the click of the mouse.

Use the bulk import tool to add courses and instructional designers.


How much does a ReadyGO license cost?


ReadyGO is provided as a SaaS subscription with the annual subscription price based on organizational FTE or student count (in K-12).

A small implementation and training fee is applied in Year 1 of all subscriptions. This covers installation and set up as well as several hours of training to get you started.

Pricing is less than a DesignPLUS Design Tools subscription and discounts are offered when customers license more than one Cidi Labs solution or for multi-year contracts.

Contact us today for a quote and to learn more. 


Do you provide training?



Yes, we provide an installation and set up call as well as a few hours of training to get you started.


All training activities are delivered remotely using Zoom and recorded for your reference. 


How does ReadyGO integrate with Canvas?



ReadyGO is an LTI tool that appears in the left hand navigation of a specific Canvas course that you set up for ReadyGO users.


ReadyGO users sign into Canvas, enter the ReadyGO course and their personalized dashboard and reports are available to them there. 

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