Cidi Labs Newsletter, March 2021

Greetings from the team at Cidi Labs!  We hope this edition of the newsletter finds you all well and looking forward to brighter days ahead.  We have some exciting news and helpful information to share, so be sure to read on…

Another Milestone for the Cidi Labs Community 

We recently welcomed our 300th school to the Cidi Labs community! 

Clearly, Kenneth was onto something when he set out to make it easier to design great Canvas courses 5 years ago, and we’re thrilled so many schools are benefiting from his genius. 

And since we can’t throw a party…

We’re celebrating with a chance to win a cool prize!  

Take a moment to share some feedback with us, and you’ll be entered to win a custom Cidi Labs Patagonia jacket!

UDOIT CloudNext Generation Course Accessibility Checker 

We’ve been hard at work on some major enhancements to our Canvas course accessibility checker, UDOIT Cloud.  This new version, which will be available for beta testing in the spring, makes the experience of finding, understanding, and fixing accessibility issues in Canvas courses easier and more efficient than ever.  We’ll be providing more information soon, but if you’d like to learn more or schedule a preview in the meantime, please contact us!  

Making an Impact

In December we hosted a webinar to highlight the impact that DesignPLUS is having on schools that are using it

If you’re looking to learn more about the tools, or want to make sure you’re getting the most out of them, watching this recording is 60 minutes well spent!  

DesignPLUS Reminder: New UE/I Tool Available

As previously announced, a new version of the Upgrade/Embed Image Tool is available for all DesignPLUS customers and includes some fun new features.  

We’ve noticed that some of you haven’t completed the upgrade yet, so here’s a gentle reminder.  

The upgrade requires a few administrative changes by your Canvas Admin and the instructions can be found here.  

Module Builder Enhancement
The time-saving Module Builder tool now includes the ability to duplicate grading rubrics, LTI assignments, and other settings that were previously not pulled from templates.  For more information, see the March release notes.  

Slack with us!

Did you know that Cidi Labs has a User Group Community on Slack

It’s a great way to interact with other members of the Cidi Labs community and stay on top of important updates from us. 

We wish you all the very best in 2021.

Love, Cidi Labs