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Have you ever had to roll out an entirely new faculty training program in 5 months? Learn how this team accomplished it and won over faculty with Cidi Labs tools. In 2022, Bellevue College created the Online Excellence Teaching Academy (OETA) — a seven-course program that faculty must complete in order to teach online.

The OETA’s components include a mix of asynchronous online, synchronous virtual, live remote and in-person courses and workshops. With the help of Cidi Labs’ DesignPLUS tool-set and TidyUP course clean-up tool for Canvas, the Bellevue eLearning team has created beautiful and accessible courses that provide faculty participating in OETA instruction about online teaching – but do so in such a way that showcases the importance of course design for the faculty-as-student learning experience.

Key milestones in the OETA program include an accessibility check with the eLearning team – where TidyUP is deployed to remove old, out-of-date files; faculty can learn how to use DesignPLUS to enhance their courses for a better learning experience; and implement the Quality Matters rubric to better understand why course design and accessibility matter to all students – and especially those online.

Ready to get inspired? Don’t miss this dynamic session featuring Florida International University, as they showcase the superpowers they discovered in using DesignPLUS, a suite of simple-yet-powerful Canvas course design tools from Cidi Labs.

FIU will show you how to harness the power of these tools to overcome the villains of limited time, resources, and technical skills to create amazing learning experiences at scale. You’ll see the tools in action and learn how you can unlock superpowers such as task shrinking, barrier blasting, course-ray vision, and much more!  

So put on your cape and join us for an unforgettable story of how a few simple tools can help you unleash superpowers to deliver more engaging, accessible learning experiences for all students. 

Other Recent Webinars:

Designing an Exemplary Learning Experience:
A Joint Webinar with OLC

Did you know that the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) uses DesignPLUS and UDOIT to design the exemplary courses that are part of their Center for Professional Learning? Join this webinar to learn more about OLC’s process for designing these exemplary online learning experiences and catch a glimpse of the course template they have designed to maximize engagement in their workshops.

Design Matters: Bringing Together Research & Action

Cidi Labs brings together research and action to empower more educators and course designers who make a difference in the lives of learners everywhere. In this webinar, we shared the why behind design decisions made when building a Canvas course. Using Universal Design for Learning, research on cognitive load, student engagement, student retention, and student persistence, we showed what design decisions can make a positive impact on your students’ success. Through the narratives of our customers who have put this work into practice, you’ll hear about the unexpected benefits for students and educators. Using Cidi Labs tools, we demonstrated how to implement these research-based practices into your Canvas courses. See why design matters with Cidi Labs.

How To Become a Course Design Superhero

Are you ready to become a Course Design Superhero and level up your superpowers? Join us for a dynamic session featuring Cidi Labs suite of simple-yet-powerful Canvas tools and live demonstrations of the course design superpowers they can unlock.  We’ll show you how to harness the power of these tools to overcome the villains of limited time, resources, and technical skills to create amazing learning experiences at scale. We’ll share stories from other course design superheroes who have used Cid Labs tools to unlock superpowers such as task shrinking, barrier blasting, course-ray vision, and much more!   We’ll share practical tips for maximizing the impact of these tools and provide actionable insights for creating truly impactful learning experiences. So put on your cape, grab your trusty tools, and join us for an unforgettable story of how a few simple tools can help you unleash superpowers to deliver more engaging, accessible learning experiences for all students. 

Upcoming Events

March 19, 2024
  • UCET in Salt Lake

    Dates: March 19, 2024 - March 20, 2024  

March 22, 2024
  • NHSAA Lunch & Learn: Makeover Your Canvas Course: Live Design Demo

    Dates: March 22, 2024  10:00 am - 11:00 am

March 25, 2024
  • TXDLA in Galveston, TX

    Dates: March 25, 2024 - March 28, 2024  

April 9, 2024
  • NHSAA- Innovations in Learning

    Dates: April 9, 2024 - April 10, 2024  

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A Jumpstart for Building Quality Matters (QM) Ready Courses in Canvas

How can we make it easier for faculty to ensure their Canvas courses meet Quality Matters Standards? In this webinar, you will see how Pittsburg State University in Kansas is giving their faculty a huge jumpstart by providing course templates that meet 25+ QM Standards right out of the gate, plus embedded guidance that helps faculty keep quality in mind as they customize their course. We also demonstrate how easy it is to build and apply the QM-ready templates using DesignPLUS – a set of tools from Cidi Labs that make high quality Canvas course design easy.

Introducing UDOIT Advantage for Canvas​

Imagine if you could magically turn all those PDF files lurking in your Canvas courses into more accessible Canvas Pages. Now you can, with UDOIT Advantage!  Check out this webinar to learn more about an exciting new version of UDOIT – an automated accessibility assistant that guides course designers and educators in improving the accessibility of their Canvas courses. We’ll take you on a tour of UDOIT and highlight the much-anticipated new features that will give you an accessibility advantage.

The Journey toward Optimal Course Design: Making Every Step Easier

With the emergency phase of Covid-19 behind us, many institutions have turned their attention to improving their online courses, along with the processes and tools involved in course design.


In this webinar, we explore ways to optimize every step of the course design process, from building and staging to refining your Canvas courses.  You’ll get an up-close look at a set of tools that have helped over 450 higher ed and K12 institutions more easily develop professionally styled, highly engaging and accessible Canvas courses – without the technical skills, large teams, or oodles of time that are often required to do so. 

A Scalable Course Development Model to Achieve the Impossible

Develop 60 hours of engaging Canvas course content for over 100,000 learners with 4 instructional designers in 9 months – impossible, right?! 


Not for the Education Service Center, Region 11 Reading Academies design team, who rapidly built a scalable delivery model for the Texas Reading Academies, using tools from Cidi Labs to meet these goals, which were driven by a state mandate to provide literacy training for their teachers.  


Watch this webinar to learn how they pulled off this incredible feat and delivered a highly satisfying Canvas course experience for participants that is:  

    • Engaging
    • Professionally styled
    • Consistent
    • Accessible

We also demonstrated the set of tools that helped the ESC Region 11 Reading Academies design team achieve the levels of efficiency and quality required to build this highly successful program in so little time with a small staff.  


This webinar provides practical tips to help you handle the ever-growing demands on your course design and delivery practices, so that you can deliver more without sacrificing quality.    

Tools to Bolster Your Canvas Course Quality Initiatives

In this webinar, we explore the ways that the Cidi Labs instructional design tools for Canvas can help make your Quality Matters work much more efficient and easier to scale.

The Importance of Visual Design in Online Courses

When it comes to online courses, beauty is more than skin deep. Studies have shown that the aesthetics of an online course are important factors in motivating students to engage and persist in the learning process.   Traditionally, however, designing professional-looking courses requires loads of time and technical skills such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.   This webinar explores how DesignPLUS can help you create high quality, engaging, and accessible Canvas courses without requiring advanced technical skills.

Looks Do Matter: Taking Your Canvas Course Design to the Next Level

Research has shown that a well-designed course promotes a positive user experience. In this video, we’ll use DesignPLUS – our advanced course design toolset – to transform the look and feel of a basic course.

Shifting Online Course Design Practices from Surviving to Thriving

In March 2020, the small team at Fullerton College moved 20,000 students fully online in just 3 days by leveraging DesignPLUS and UDOIT Cloud to create engaging, accessible, and quality-driven Canvas courses.  

Accessibility Made Easy: Introducing UDOIT Cloud 3.0

UDOIT Cloud 3.0 – our Canvas course accessibility checker – is a significant leap forward in the functionality and user experience of the platform, making it easier and more efficient than ever for you to ensure your Canvas courses are accessible to all learners.  

Tools that Impact Canvas Course Design

Presented by: Kenneth Larsen @ Cidi Labs, Dr. Tracy Stunz @ Clovis Community College and Robert Caldwell @ North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics    

Using DesignPLUS in Canvas to Address QM Standards for Course Design

Presented by: Mike Zackrison and Kenneth Larsen @ Cidi Labs, Alicia Reed @ Laredo Community College and Jillian Jevack @ Quality Matters


Lighten your load this summer with ReadyGO

Featuring Eric Larson, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota and Tawnya Means, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Take your Canvas Courses to the Next Level

Featuring Kenneth Larsen, from Utah State University and Christie Fierro and Justin Kornheisl from Olympic Community College

Maximize Accessibility with UDOIT Cloud

Featuring the University of Minnesota and University of Central Florida


TidyUP your Canvas

Featuring Anna Stirling (Mt San Jacinto College) and Christopher Phillips (Utah State University


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