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Accessibility Made Easy
with UDOIT Cloud 3.0

In case you missed it, here’s a recording of our most recent webinar which took place on June 22nd, 2021: 

We’re excited to release UDOIT Cloud Version 3.0 – a significant leap forward in the functionality and user experience of the platform, making it easier and more efficient than ever for institutions to ensure their Canvas courses are accessible to all learners.

In this webinar you will:  

    • See how easy it is for course designers and instructors to identify, understand, and fix accessibility issues in their Canvas courses with UDOIT Cloud 3.0.
    • Learn more about the new administrative and reporting features that make it possible to monitor and initiate accessibility checking tasks across a Canvas account or sub-account.
    • Hear from our UDOIT Cloud 3.0 beta customers why they’re excited about the upcoming release

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October 7, 2021
  • InstructureCon Online

    Dates: October 7, 2021


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Presented by: Kenneth Larsen @ Cidi Labs, Dr. Tracy Stunz @ Clovis Community College and Robert Caldwell @ North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics    

Presented by: Mike Zackrison and Kenneth Larsen @ Cidi Labs, Alicia Reed @ Laredo Community College and Jillian Jevack @ Quality Matters


Featuring Eric Larson, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota and Tawnya Means, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Featuring Kenneth Larsen, from Utah State University and Christie Fierro and Justin Kornheisl from Olympic Community College

Featuring the University of Minnesota and University of Central Florida


Featuring Anna Stirling (Mt San Jacinto College) and Christopher Phillips (Utah State University


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