UDOIT Cloud 3.0 now available!

Cidi Labs is excited to announce that UDOIT Cloud Version 3.0 is now available! As you know, UDOIT Cloud is a Canvas course accessibility checker which scans course content and provides guidance for fixing accessibility issues in a course.   

Version 3.0 of UDOIT Cloud is a significant leap forward in the functionality and user experience of the platform, making it easier and more efficient than ever for instructional designers and instructors to ensure their Canvas courses are accessible to all learners.  We’ve also expanded the UDOIT admin capabilities, giving Canvas administrators greater visibility into the accessibility efforts across all of the courses in their Canvas account.  

What’s New in Version 3.0?

The major differences between previous versions (2.x) of UDOIT and this exciting new version are as follows:   

  • The scan of a course now happens automatically whenever a user accesses UDOIT, eliminating the need for users to manually start the scan and decide what parts of the course to scan each time.    

  • After the initial scan of all course content, UDOIT keeps track of what content has changed since the last scan and only looks at those items in subsequent scans.  This makes the scanning faster and more efficient.   

  • A new home page that provides more helpful ways to get started with reviewing and fixing accessibility issues that are found in the scan.  For example, several pre-filtered lists such as “Easiest issues to fix” are provided as an easy starting point.  

  • A more efficient way to navigate through a list of issues and fix them.  

  • Additional summary information that helps users keep track of how many issues are outstanding and how many have been fixed.  

  • The ability to filter the list of accessibility issues by a wide variety of criteria.  

  • The ability to search issues by keyword.  

  • The ability to manually mark an issue as resolved if it has been fixed outside of UDOIT.   

  • A dedicated area for reviewing files (since they are not programatically scanned by UDOIT) with the ability to indicate and track what has been reviewed and what has not.  

  • The ability to upload a new (more accessible) file to replace an existing one from within UDOIT.   

  • Reports on the history of scanning and issue resolution activity, which can be viewed at the course level as well as the sub-account and account level.  

  • An expanded administrative area that allows admin users to initiate accessibility scans across courses in their accounts or sub-accounts and view aggregate reporting for their entire account or sub-account.