September 2018 Newsletter

new colors


It’s a big month for new and modified Design Tools features. Check out what September’s release has to offer. 

New Color Picker [BETA]:

It’s finally here! The long anticipated new color tool is in Beta and available for testing. What’s so great about this kicked up color picker? Here’s the short list. 

  • It’s keyboard accessible!
  • It auto updates Institutional color palettes.
  • You can FAVORITE colors!
  • You can view and select colors that are already being used in your content.
  • You can SAVE custom user color palettes + add labels.
  • You have two color palettes to work with: the original and the new expanded pallet.
  • You can work with all colors for the current element in the same interface (background, text, and borders).

Box Styles Tool:

The new box styles tool gives you the ability to turn just about any element into a stylized box. 

  • Add padding and borders; set borders colors.
  • Round the edges of images in several new ways.
  • Add drop shadows of varying weight and opacity
  • Mix and match your styles using borders, edges and shadows separately or combine them together for a super-stylized boxed element.
  • Learn more about Create and Apply Box Styles in the User Guide.

Plus, updates and modifications for existing features:

  • A new approach to improve the load time of accordions and tabs
  • shortcut has been added to the top right of Current Element Style tools that will take you directly to the User Guide for that particular tool.
  • Forty-seven new Font-Awesome icons.
  • Image Border preview size has been changed to better utilize space in the sidebar.
  • User settings have been changed from local storage in the browser to session storage to prevent one user’s settings from transferring to another user that logs into Canvas using the same computer and browser.

Check out the list of squashed bugs in the Design Tools Admin Guide where you can also access the archive of previous release notes and a link to our product roadmap. 

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