Quarterly Newsletter - May 2023

Hello from the Cidi Labs team! The next few months are jam-packed with all kinds of good things! We are gearing up InstructureCon, where we hope to see so many of you, and we also have some exciting product releases coming. This newsletter has all the details on those releases and events that you can join.

Upcoming Live Webinar with Florida State University

How a Tiny Team of Two Can Prep Over 1000 Canvas Courses with Ease

✨ Spoiler Alert: Their Secret is ReadyGO ✨

Join this webinar to hear how Florida State University’s College of Business instructional design team has ditched unwieldy spreadsheets and clunky communication to successfully manage 150 faculty and the preparation of over 1000 Canvas courses per year.

Product Updates

Aiden Sizemore, Know Mallette from FSU join Kenneth Larsen and Michelle Muldowney- Stevens for this webinar.

The NEW DesignPLUS Sidebar is coming soon…

After many years in the making (and loads of customer input), we are so excited to announce that we expect the new DesignPLUS Sidebar (formerly known as Next Generation Design Tools) to be available this summer!  The team has been hard at work creating plans and supporting assets to help all existing DesignPLUS customers make the transition — whenever you are ready.  In June, we’ll share more about how you can access a host of transition aides, as well as a sandbox environment to help you become familiar with the new Sidebar.

In case you missed it, Kenneth and the team provided a comprehensive update on this exciting project at our last customer meeting which received quite a rousing response (OooOooo’s, Aaaahhhh’s, and Wowzers!).


Want to know more about how your Cidi Labs tools are being used?

Cidiscape is a forthcoming new tool from Cidi Labs that enables you to answer important questions about the tools you’ve invested in. It will be available soon at no additional cost to existing customers. With Cidiscape you can:

  • Determine which courses have the greatest percentage of content built using DesignPLUS to identify your power users.
  • Find the courses that have not recently run a UDOIT accessibility scan and automatically run it across all of them at the account level.
  • Understand which courses have the largest amount of unused files to target them for a TidyUP cleanout.

Watch your email for a Cidiscape availability announcement next month!

A Message from Your Customer Success Manager

In case you missed the announcement earlier this year, Cidi Labs now has a Manager of Customer Success. For those who don’t know me, I’m Michelle Muldowney-Stevens 👋. I’ve met many of you over the past five years as the Manager of Training and Support, but I’m excited to interact with you all even more in my new role! Here are a few of the ways I can help you:

  • Review your DesignPLUS templates and give feedback on how to make them faculty friendly.
  • Help you utilize your DesignPLUS Customizations course more efficiently.
  • Assist in developing strategies to encourage greater adoption of our tools.
  • Document the awesomeness you’ve accomplished and created!

Hope to talk soon!


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