Let us help

At Cidi Labs, we take pride in the relationships we’ve built with our customers and the dedication we have to helping them.  You won’t be getting emails from us touting our tools or special offers because we don’t think you need another email right now. 

What we want you to know during this challenging time is that we’re here – more than ever to do whatever we can to help you. 

This page provides a list of specific things we think may be helpful, but please reach out to share additional ideas or requests with us!

Flexible Training Schedule

In order to help you and your faculty become productive sooner, we will be happy to flex our basic user training schedule to do it at a time that works best for you outside of our weekly pre-planned slots.

JavaScript to Quickly Import a Template Course

To help speed up the process of moving courses online, Kenneth (inventor of DesignPLUS and our lead developer) has created some JavaScript to facilitate rapidly pulling a template course into an empty course shell. Consider this his gift to you.