June 2018 Cidi Labs Newsletter


It’s been more than two years now since we launched the SaaS version of #Kennethware. We’re having a blast and we’re continuing to grow. 

We are now a team of five. Kenneth Larsen and Mike Zackrison (creator and fearless leader), Jen Leckie and Jacoba Behunin (sales and marketing), and Michelle Muldowney-Stevens (customer training and support).

We have some exciting announcements brewing (maybe just in time for InstructureCon) and just celebrated welcoming our 90th (9-0-yeah) Cidi Labs customer! We love the work we do and love that you are part of it!

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Did you know that Kenneth publishes a new release of Design Tools on the first weekday of each month?

June’s release included the following updates to Design Tools:

  • Table Tools updated to improve the default styling and widths of tables in Canvas
  • Default Due Times allows users to set default due times when setting new assignment dates in the Due Date Modifier.
  • Syllabus Policy blocks will now update when editing the syllabus, regardless of whether or not a user opens Design Tools.
  • New Font Awesome icons added (116 of them) plus improved searching capabilities. That’s AWESOME!
  • Ordered/Unordered List tool now includes a Basic Nav Links option that takes a list of links and transforms it into a basic navigation list.  

Documentation and a list of squashed bugs are available in the Design Tools Admin Guide where you can also access the archive of previous release notes and a link to our product roadmap. 


Sometimes our customers say the darndest things and we love it. Here are some of our favorites from last month.

“My Instructional Designers are going to pass out, in a good way. Well, first they’ll squeal and then they’ll pass out.”

“It’s like Photoshop for Instructional Design!”

“We love you!” (followed by applause)

And speaking of happy customers, we’d love to hear from you! We’re collecting stories for our blog and knowledgebase.

Tell us about how Design Tools has changed your Canvas experience and you may be featured in an upcoming article (don’t worry; we’ll make sure you know ahead of time so that we get all the pieces just right). Interested? Email Jacoba today! 

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