July News and InstructureCarn Notes


Remember the movie Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken from 1991 about the girl in a traveling circus who rides her trick horse off a diving platform and one time forgets to close her eyes and goes blind?

Well, it has nothing to do with Design Tools or July’s release notes. But it does feature death defying stunts and a hat-tip to a Carnival theme. InstructureCarn is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!



July 24-27: Keystone, CO. You’ll find us in Exhibit Hall in the Columbine Ballroom, booth 22.

  • July 24, 10 AM to 5 PM; 6 PM to 9 PM (reception)
  • July 25, 10 AM to 5:30 PM
  • July 26, 10 AM to 5:30 PM

July 26: 15-minute Design Tools Partner session, Columbine Ballroom, Keystone Conference Center (Tell your friends!), 12:40-12:55 PM

July 27: Design Tools User Group Meeting, Keystone CO, Wild Irishman Condo #1043,9-11 AM RSVP

About the Design Tools User Group Meeting: 

We’re hosting a breakfast gathering for our customers at Jacoba and Michelle’s Keystone Condo.

Join us for bagels and coffee and get to know other Design Tools users. Feel free to come by anytime between 9-11 am on July 27.

Parking is limited so please try to carpool or walk. If the lot is full at Wild Irishman  #1043, park in a nearby lot.

We’ve alerted Property Management of our meeting in hopes of alleviating parking/booting/ticketing nightmares. 

  • Who: Our customers! RSVP:Tell us if you are coming and any dietary needs we should be aware of. Be sure to give us a phone number in case we need to reach you. 
  • What: User Group Community Gathering and Breakfast
  • Where: Jacoba and Michelle’s condo, Wild Irishman #1043 
  • Why: To meet other users, to eat bagels and share ideas about Design Tools
  • When: July 27, 9-11 AM

Questions? Email Jacoba

Some FAQ: 

Why are we meeting at a condo?

  • Well, it’s a bit of a long story but it goes something like this: we’ve had some trouble securing a conference room on this date and rather than risking a common space at the Conference Center, we’ve moved the gathering to the kitchen and living room space at Jacoba and Michelle’s condo. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find that it’s awesome and do it for many years to come! 

What should I bring?

  • Yourself. Your laptop if you want to share some ideas. We hope to be able to use the TV as a projector but won’t know for sure until we get there.

Where is this condo?

  • You’ll find Wild Irishman 1043 on Wild Irishman Road. It’s approx a 20 minute walk from Keystone Lake. The free Keystone Resort Shuttle comes by Wild Irishman condos every 20 minutes.  The phone number for the shuttle service is 970-496-4200.
  • Use a map to find Wild Irishman 1043 

July’s release includes the following updates to Design Tools:

  • New Additional Actions! 
    •   to Space – This button will place any non-breaking space from the contents of the Apply To element with a normal space.
    • Clear IDs –  This tool will remove the id attribute from the Apply To element and any elements inside it.
    • Clear Classes – This tool will remove the class attribute from the Apply To element and any elements inside it.
    • Unwrap divs –    Like the Unwrap spans tool, The Unwrap divs tool will remove any
       elements that are inside the Apply To element. 
  • Optional Expander Toggle Buttons: By default, expander panel widgets include control buttons to expand or collapse all of the panels at once. This release includes the option to remove those controls.
  • Bootstrap Callout Snippets: A group of Bootstrap Callout snippets have been added to the HTML Snippets tool. Check out a preview in the Notes. 
  • 157 New Font-Awesome Icons: This brings the grand total of icons available up to 1,785 icons (although there are quite a few duplicates in the Canvas icon font).
  • Clear Table Height: This month’s release adds the ability to clear all heights into the Table Header/Footer/Style tool.

Documentation and a list of squashed bugs are available in the Design Tools Admin Guide where you can also access the archive of previous release notes and a link to our product roadmap. 


Sometimes our customers say the darndest things and we love it. Here are some of our favorites from last month.

“I gotta tell you … (dramatic pause)… I love that.” (about progress bars)

“It’s a phenomenal tool that you all have put together. Thank you for sharing it with us!” 

“We don’t have a ‘scroll of death’ like we used to.” (about accordions)

“Those Utah people are amazing!” (ah, nuts, thanks!)

And speaking of happy customers, we’d love to hear from you! 

Tell us about how Design Tools has changed your Canvas experience and you may be featured in an upcoming article (don’t worry; we’ll make sure you know ahead of time so that we get all the pieces just right). Interested? Email Jacoba today! 

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