Cidiscape is now available!

We’re thrilled to share another exciting product update: Cidiscape – our new reporting tool – is now available!
Cidiscape is a free add-on tool for all Cidi Labs customers that provides a bird’s eye view of the data and activity related to DesignPLUS, UDOIT, and TidyUP across your Canvas courses. By answering important questions about the usage of and activity within the tool(s) you’ve invested in, Cidiscape provides you with a new perspective. Check out this overview video to learn more:

Ready to install?

Cidiscape is a totally optional add-on, but if your institution is interested, you can view this Knowledge Base article to learn how to install Cidiscape on your own or sign up for an installation session with Cidi Labs.

Have questions?

As always, you can contact our Support team for help.

Enjoy your new perspective!

Note: For customers outside of North America, Cidiscape will be available in early August.