August 2018 Newsletter


(Especially in July at Cidi Labs!)

We hit 100! Yep. 100 customers.
(As of the writing this note, we are up to 107! But who’s counting?) We celebrated as a team with cake and rocket ship cookies!

We announced new products from Cidi Labs coming soon! 
Launching this Fall: UDOIT SaaS in partnership with University of Central Florida and ReadyGO, a course development tracker built at Utah State University. We’ll host a webinar when we’re ready to launch. 

We had a blast with our customers at InstructureCon. 
Meeting many of you face to face (rather than zoom room to zoom room) was a serious highlight of the the conference. Thank you for the laughter and the hugs! 

We hosted our first User Group meeting EVER!
Thanks to all who came to Michelle and Jacoba’s tiny condo to share ideas and provide feedback. We loved it! We’re working on launching a community to share these ideas (and others). Watch for that announcement in the coming months. 

What else? Kenneth updated Design Tools, Mike wore a clown wig, we ate hundreds of Cidi Labs cookies. 

Happy August-madness! We LOVE what we do and have you to thank!


While August’s list of new features is smaller than others in the recent past it but still includes some excellent updates. 

  • The Ordered/Unordered List tool has been updated to offer an easy way to adjust the list start number or the item number for an ordered list.
  • You can now select what happens if the image you upload to Canvas has the same name as an existing image. The default behavior is to overwrite the existing image. If you would rather have Canvas make sure the name is unique, you can choose “Rename”.
  • Font-Awesome version 5.2.0 introduced 33 new icons. This brings the grand total of icons available up to 1,819 icons (although there are quite a few duplicates in the Canvas icon font).

Documentation and a list of squashed bugs are available in the Design Tools Admin Guide where you can also access the archive of previous release notes and a link to our product roadmap. 



Sometimes our customers say the darndest things and we love it. Here are some of our favorites from last month. (Names withheld to protect the innocent. But don’t worry, we know who you are).

“As I’ve told my colleagues, I’m rarely impressed by LMS add-ons, but Cidi Labs Design Tools are very impressive.”

“I showed this (due date modifier) to some of my faculty and I thought they were going to do backflips.”

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