Accessibility by Design

Tools that empower Canvas course designers to focus on accessibility throughout the entire course development lifecycle.

There are many things that make it challenging to design and deliver courses that are truly accessible.  

At Cidi Labs, we believe in empowering course designers to focus on accessibility by providing tools that educate and guide them along the way. Here’s how our tools can support your accessibility efforts during every part of the course development process:


Making it easier to build accessible content from the start, our advanced course design toolset – DesignPLUS – includes features to help course designers ensure each page meets common accessibility requirements, while building the course. 

Canvas page in edit mode with DesignPLUS accessibility features displayed

Want to see these features in action?  Check out Improving Accessibility with DesignPLUS .  


When it’s time to make sure courses are ready for a start of term, our Canvas course accessibility checker – UDOIT Cloud – makes the accessibility review process faster and easier by providing guidance to help course designers fix issues and increase their accessibility know-how.  

Interested in diving deeper?   This UDOIT Cloud Overview video provides a walkthrough of the tool’s features.

Continuous Improvement

Accessibility is a journey, not a destination.  Our tools provide you the information you need to take action to continuously improve your accessibility initiatives.  

TidyUP can scan your courses to help you find and delete unused files and pages, to ensure accessibility efforts are focused on the content that is visible to students.   Administrative reporting features help you understand the types of issues that are most commonly found, so that you can hone your accessibility training efforts.   

Let's talk about how our tools can support your accessibility efforts.

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